Side Project

About the Project

My Role: Product Design

This was a side project I worked on with several friends over the summer. When thinking about what we were passionate about, the idea of career growth and mentorship came up again and again. We decided to tackle this problem.

I sent several short surveys out to my friends and acquinances asking them how they tracked their progress and sought mentors currently. Most people said they didn't really have a good system, that they sometimes used LinkedIn, and that the one thing they wished they had help with was finding and meeting mentors.

We were also inspired by the book "Startup of You" by Reid Hoffman and Ben Cosnocha, which espouses that you get a job based on your skills, experience, and and network. Our product would give you a way to monitor and grow in each of these three areas. From here, we started concepting.

Onboarding Wireframes

In order for the product to work well, it requires you to sign up with LinkedIn. Once you sign up, you're taken through this flow.

First, we ask you what your career goals are. We prepoulate with a few likely options based on your job titles and education on LinkedIn.

Second, we ask you to choose a few "role models." This is so that we can best determine what skills or education might be necessary based on your role model's listed skills and expertise.

Again, we would prepopulate with popular people who match up to your career goals. For example, if you wanted to be a "Director of Product Design" and "Work at Apple", we would suggest Jon Ive.

Once you choose someone, we also suggest people similar to that person.

The final step in the flow is skills. We ask you what skills you think you need to develop better. Once again, we suggest skills based on your career goals and role models. Specifically, we will suggest skills that you don’t currently list on your LinkedIn profile but that occur repeatedly and strongly on the profiles of people with similar careers as your goals and role models.


In your profile section, you're able to keep track of your goals (and change them as you grow and develop), maintain relationships with your mentors, and track courses and workshops to build out your skillset.

Finding mentors is challenging but useful (arguable required) for building your career. Based on your role models, we find people who are your 2nd and 3rd degree connections and suggest that you connect. We will even provide you a script to use to email them, reminders about when to followup, and an area to keep detailed notes about your meetings and conversations.

Finally, we will also suggest courses to take to develop your skills, and provide achievements to encrouage you to keep up good progress!

“I really enjoyed working with Missy and would love to work with her again. Every time she presented a design of a potential website layout to our team, I instantly got how it would work. From the start, it feels intuitive, natural, and easy to understand, and that's a really great base to work with.”

— Jarrett Coggin

Software Developer,

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Outcome and Learnings

  • This project was really fun to work on because it's an area I'm passionate about. I think education could use an overhaul and that my generation needs to relearn how to get jobs and move throughout our careers. I'm sort of a nerd about this kind of stuff.
  • Ultimately, I had to leave the project because of my schedule. I believe that it's moved in a different direction since then.