“Now, Missy is a big time designer in San Francisco. But I've known her since the early years, back when she hung out drawing in her blanket fort. And I'm still her #1 fan.”

— My Mom

“When fighting for a startup's success, you'll want Missy there fighting with you, as she's talented, driven, and capable of excellent execution. She knew how to work within extremely demanding startup schedules and somehow always found the ability to deliver multiple projects to engineering, marketing, and business simultaneously.”

— Erick Tai

Senior Software Developer, StackMob



An effective design starts with a clear goal. Knowing what we're trying to achieve comes before deciding how we're going to do it.


To understand the problem and move forward, there are a lot of conversations — with customers, developers, and stakeholders.


Internet searches, competitive research, user research, pattern exploration, field testing, idea validation, and more!


Teams that collaborate well....masticate well? (Is that a thing people say?) I thrive on a cross-functional team.


Make something awesome, show it around, and let people tell you everything that's wrong with it. Better to know now when it's easily fixed.

See it through

Once I've delivered a design, the fun's not over yet. I work side-by-side with developers to work through any weirdness that might come up.

Rinse & Repeat

“Missy can walk into any situation and consistently deliver a uniquely refined result. Missy is also extremely passionate about her field and has made it a lifelong goal to continually be a student of the craft of design. Having worked with Missy, I can vouch for her integrity as a team member and for her amazing design work that always warranted earnest admiration from our director.”

— Cameron Stewart

Interactive Designer, Cal Poly Admissions Office

About Me

I'm Missy (and that's @MissyTitus pretty much everywhere on the internet!).

I like to design products for humans. I have a BFA in Visual Design from Cal Poly, but fell, serendipitously, into User Experience soon after graduating. I love human behavior and solving interesting problems, so it seemed like a natural transition.

Sometimes in my free time, I think about the world outside of the bubble we call Silicon Valley and how to make that world a better place (you know...before the robots take over, I mean).


  • End-to-end design experience–from conception to implementation.
  • Generous and willing to negotiate, compromise, and fight fires.
  • I believe in using data and psychology to affect behavior (for good!)
  • Intrinsically driven to learn. Equally motivated to teach.
  • Versatile, with experience in Visual, UX, and Product Design.
“Missy is great at maintaining a consistent and cohesive design story throughout the product while taking technical considerations and overall user experience into account. Her versatility in designing across multiple types of projects such as brand identity, interactive web, and print is impressive as well. She is a joy to work with and I would love to work with her again in the future!”

— Justin Wyne

Software Developer, StackMob


Sometimes I write things or speak about Design and Women in Technology. You can read some of my thoughts on Medium and Stemmings. See a few samples below.

On Design

Designing for Behavior Change

Here are the basics of Behavior Design—specifically how to use Motivation, Ability, and Triggers to shape your users' behavior.

Design Team of One

I’ve spent many years either as the only designer at a startup or on a small team inside of an organization. I’ve learned a thing or two about working effectively as a design team of one.

In-House Manifesto

After graduating college, I thought my ideal career track would take me to IDEO or Cooper. However, I've since realized that my heart lies with in-house design teams. Here's why.

On Women in Tech

"Why do women try to get ahead by pulling men down?"

In which I explain (via metaphor!) why the arguments against women in technology pulling men down to get ahead are utterly false.


I've talked about these things, too! Want me to talk at your thing? Get in touch.

Here are some places I've talked before:

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Huffington Post: Girls in STEM

“Yes, a new feminist paradigm brought to you by Missy, a designer who won't be upset about the robot takeover, and whose self representation to the world is proudly displayed in her avatar. yep, I can see why I'd want to take her social commentary seriously.”

— tomodachi58

Anonymous dude on the internet

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